Supply Chain Security: Considerations for Third Party Logistics

Rx-360, an international pharmaceutical supply chain consortium, is a great resource for the latest in controls and considerations for Logistics Service Providers (LSPs). LSPs provide clients with warehousing, distribution, and logistics services. As we know, there is much more focus on the integrity of the supply chain, for which LSPs play an integral part.

In June, 2012, Rx-360 published a draft template outlining the Requirements for Third Party Logistics Providers. This template can serve as the basis for a quality agreement that you establish with your LSPs. The considerations identified within the template will help ensure the integrity of your material while under the control of the LSP.

Rx-360 has also developed an excellent audit tool for consideration when auditing Third Party Logistic Service Providers. It addresses physical security, access control, records and logs, procedural security, personnel security, cargo security, control of goods in the facility, returned and rejected product storage, security, reporting and notification, and protection of information.

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